Butterfly Hollow

Butterfly Hollow is closed for the season due to damage from Hurricane Irma. 
Explore the magical butterfly garden with native species of the lovely winged beauties including Monarchs, Zebra long wings, Buckeyes, White Peacocks and more as they flutter about in the enclosed exhibit. 

Butterfly Hollow is included in Value Tickets and Member Value Bands or is $2/non-members and $1.50/members. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we find Butterfly Hollow?
Butterfly Hollow is set along the beautiful bank of the Trout River towards the back of the Zoo, across from Asian Bamboo Gardens. 

Want to continue your fun, even after you exit the Hollow?
The Butterfly Hollow gift shop offers butterfly themed trinkets like wings, jewelry, and toys, as well as yard adornments like bird-feeders, solar lamps, pottery waterfalls, gnomes, fairies and chimes.